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This keychain can help you read!


Having trouble reading? The answer may just be in your keychain, because ThinOPTICS literally managed to squeeze a pair of reading glasses into a keychain that can slide into any pocket!

The keychain features a case for the specs that’s no more larger than the size of both your thumbs put together. The case comes with a slider that when pushed, pops out two lenses interconnected by a bridge made of a titanium alloy called Nitinol, known for its spring-like properties aside from being extremely durable. The moment the specs are pushed out of their case, they open up into their spectacle form and can be placed on the bridge of your nose, where they balance without difficulty. Once done, they can be folded back into the case, stashed away in your pocket till they’re needed next. Convenient, isn’t it? Plus, since they’re paired with your keys, there’s a much lower chance of you forgetting to carry or losing them!

Designer: ThinOPTICS








Via:: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/yankodesign/~3/oTAIfRZ5wF8/