eyeQuest is a location based service that connects users from around the world through the camera of their smartphone. With eyeQuest it is possible to request photos and videos from any location and see every place without being physically there.

eyeQuest users can send location based requests (called „Eyequests“) by using our app (iPhone & Android) or the eyeQuest website. They can exactly define what they want to see by choosing a location and add an optional question or description. All users near the requested location get an notification on their smartphone and can answer the Eyequest immediately with an „Eyeshare“. The Eyeshare can be a photo or a video. For every Eyeshare and various other actions on the platform the users get ranking points, virtual trophys und real rewards.

There are additionally benefits for companys and media: Any company can use eyeQuest for location based advertising or as an marketing tool and media companys get completely new possibilities of live broadcasting.

source: http://nextberlin.eu/pitch/eyequest/