Reyets is the fastest and most secure way to record video and document high-risk situations. Protect yourself during interactions with law enforcement, at protests, in travel disputes, and any other incidents. Real-time cloud backups and on demand live streaming ensures that your records are protected even if your device is damaged or confiscated. Instant access […]

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MiFlow is a workflow app specifically designed for deskless workers. It allows mobile teams to keep track of work progress in real time. View startup Via::

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Horizon PPM

Horizon PPM is a Project & Portfolio Management tool designed to deliver the same enterprise-class functionality to startups and small businesses enjoyed by the world’s industry leading companies – and at a fraction of the cost. Over the years we’ve delivered hundreds of projects for large organisations and with Horizon PPM we’ve bundled all the […]

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i18Engine uses AI to professionally translate your website, at half the cost. We replicate your site in your target language via proxy, so it works with any website, without requiring a developer to implement. Your content is delivered fast via a CDN & is directly accessible by Search Engines, for the best SEO performance. It […]

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Product Slider (Sliders)

A jQuery plugin that create animated product slider for example an e-commerce, maybe you can use it as an agent slider :). You’ll need transparent images.
There’s a default animation for all images and background color but you can set individual for each slide.

You can add your custom CSS Animation


  1. Upload files to your server
  2. Include jquery.js and imageloaded.js to your template,
    if you don’t have it already (located in /assets/ or from CDN service)
  3. Include product-slider.css and product-slider.js to your template
  4. create HTML Markup
  5. call the plugin

Files included

Plugin css and js file
imageloaded.js plugin and jquery.js in /assets/
Html file for documentation and example, WITHOUT images

Files NOT included

Font Awesome (using in demo für arrow navigation)

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Lasi is built to solve confusion with how social media works in unison with the rest of your marketing. Most people and companies create a special role in their mind called a “social media specialist”. Marketing all works together and reinforces the efforts in other areas. Lasi is a bridge between social media which is […]

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HowLikely? is a Net Promoter (NPS) based survey platform designed to make it easy to collect and respond to customer feedback. Simple flat rate pricing gets you unlimited usage of the software. Our aggressive roadmap included adding CES and CSAT type surveys as well as additional survey channels. View startup Via::

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tabe – Premium Tabs (Navigation)

tabe is a simple Tabs Plugin. Based on jQuery and css. Its don’t have pre made extra css style. so its light weight. If you need to style with the download file we give you some demo style. And how to use them in totally describe in documentation file. We give you style with markup just copy and paste to your file. You don’t need to write any extra js for install the plugin just include the css and js file and this plugin needs jQuery that’s it. Its have to style click view(default) and hover view.for hover view you need to just add a class(details shown in the documentation file).In the download file we included some demo style for you in demos folder. More over in the documentation folder with download file you will get exact documentation of every style and plugin. Be happy keep smile.

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PostmastR is an on-demand social media manager for time-poor founders, early-stage startups, and developers. Get personalized creatives & engaging captions for y(our) social media. The plan is to keep your business socially active in a beautiful manner without having to hire expensive agency/professional. View startup Via::

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Bundle is a free application suite for your businesses. Based on hand-picked, best in class open source apps Bundle provides all the tools your team needs to get work done. View startup Via::

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Ludo is a platform for playing online team building games in the workplace. We built Ludo as a tool to help us bring our teams and people together, and now we want to share it with you. Ludo uses games inspired by popular social games like Werewolf (that we ourselves have a love for). At […]

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Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is an advanced B2B (a business that sells to other businesses) lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details and user data of the businesses that visit your website. Gone are the days of cold calling and guessing, we feed your sales team hot leads that have already shown an interest in […]

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Cloohawk is an intelligent assistant to super charge your social media reach. It helps you identify and execute “right tasks” to engage your “target audience”. Cloohawk works as a feed of tasks ordered by priority. You can execute the tasks in the order given, and attain the best reach on social media. Cloohawk is powered […]

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Dittach plugs into your Gmail in the browser and gives you a feed of all the files you send and receive, starting with your attachments. Search full contents including PDFs, Powerpoints and Spreadsheets. Connect a Drive or Dropbox account and have access to all your files, right from email. View startup Via::

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