wayfinding wayfinding is the first technology-agnostic navigation solution. We have added the most requested feature to the platform: wayfinding and navigation. You can now add indoor navigation to your app with a simple plug-and-play SDK. Navigation across multiple floors and even outdoors is handled automatically. The best part is – the wayfinding links seamlessly […]

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PDF Viewer – Javascript Plugin (Media)

PDF Viewer is a Javascript plugin for embedding PDF files on a webpage. It is coded in pure Javascript, and does not require jQuery to work. So you can use this in AngularJS or ReactJS applications also.


  1. Embed a PDF document in a HTML element of your specified width
  2. Embed multiple PDF documents in a single page
  3. “Previous” & “Next” buttons to move to previous and next pages of the PDF
  4. Loading progress bar will be seen while PDF is being rendered
  5. “Full Screen” button to render the PDF in full-screen mode
  6. “Download” button to download the PDF

Using the Plugin

  1. Include plugin Javascript files
  2. Include plugin CSS file
  3. Add an empty HTML element that will act as parent container for the PDF viewer
  4. Call a Javascript function to render the PDF in the HTML element

A documentation is also available that will show how to use the plugin, and the various options. Example files are also included.

Developer Features

  1. Highly commented code
  2. It is based on the stable PDF.JS library
  3. Comes with a thorough documentation
  4. Example files are included that will demonstrate embedding single or multiple PDF documents
Read More » allows anyone to build gorgeous looking search UIs similar to Airbnb’s, Yelp’s, Amazon’s, Product Hunt’s in four steps. Step 1: Pick a search UI template to start from (Airbnb, Yelp, Product Hunt, Amazon). Step 2: Customize the UI by adding your own filters and facets, brand name, and color scheme. Step 3: Preview your […]

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Sparkbox, a portable power pack that’s revolutionizing the clean energy industry. Powerful enough to charge your car, but small enough to fit comfortably in its trunk, this electric generator is like the next generation of the generator world. With 3.2KwH of energy, it packs the punch of up to twenty other portable power devices. Designed […]

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Cornea AI

Cornea gives a virality score to your pictures and helps you enhance your photos by using art transfer, vibe transfer, and smart scheduling. Cornea lets you upload your own custom filters to bring customization at your hand. We’re in Private Beta phase and would love to hear your feedback. View startup Via::

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Herbert is an indoor hydroponic vertical farm. You can grow fresh herbs, salads and plants in Herbert, in an easy and clean way. With Herbert you get up to 40% more harvest than traditional farming. Herbert is tailored to fit perfectly on any wall, small or big, and since it has in-house developed LEDs, you […]

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Trakerr helps engineering teams ship more frequently, with higher quality and confidence by providing a comprehensive set of tools to let you monitor your application in production. Trakerr brings together error tracking, structured logging, and performance monitoring under a single cloud application to help you cut down on time and costs in troubleshooting application issues. […]

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Kartunix, an online merchandise company, packs brilliant fantasy and score of humor into a simple to use vector based avatar creator. In collaboration with gifted illustrators, thousands of types and styles of avatar sets are at the user’s fingertips. Once configured, users may print these personal logos to various items, configure professional looking email signatures […]

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Courier saves you time by highlighting the most important parts of your Inbox, making it easy to manage. Our automatic summarization technology processes your email and pulls out the most relevant parts, giving you an easy to skim rundown. It’s a completely new way to read email quickly without the need to teach you how […]

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The Spoke

The Spoke is an online search engine that connects us to recommendations from friends & influencers and tells us where to reserve, order or stream them! View startup Via::

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Jane is a personal safety map which makes you feel safe anywhere you go. This app is for tourists and those who each day beside standard road home-work/school-home, explore different parts of the city and are not always sure if they are safe (in terms of crime). With Jane you can check the safety of […]

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KindCoins automatically rounds up your spare change through credit and debit purchases to the nearest dollar and donates the proceeds directly to your local church. Simply sign up and select your church to start making a change in your community! View startup Via::

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EasyCookie – Responsive Cookie Law Compliance Alert Notification (Miscellaneous)

EasyCookie is a responsive cookie notification, in a easy and quick way you can setup a beautiful Cookie Notification for your website!

2 themes and 8 examples ready to use

More themes and examples will be added

Is your website affected by this EU Cookie Law?

The EU Cookie Law will affect every website that OPERATES within the EU. If your website is based in the US, but offers services to people in Europe, you also are affected by this Law.


  • 2 themes
  • 8 concrete examples
  • Can choose the notification bar position: TOP or BOTTOM
  • Can enable auto-accept on page scroll
  • Can choose the number of days of cookies validity
  • Easy to install in your web site
  • Extremely customizable
  • 100% bootstrap compatible
  • Fully responsive, mobile friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Can insert emoticons
  • Security vulnerabilities checked
  • Fully commented

Browser support


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Change log

Version 1.0

Initial release
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