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    • Why have you created this website?
    • We love Startups and we wanted to have a single space where we could see new projects in the IT and Mobile sector. At the same Next Startup helps you get noticed by customers or maybe even investors.
    • Can my startup be posted here too?
    • Sure, just send us the name, link, and a short description and we will have it posted. Visit the Contact Page and stay in touch with us.
    • Who will answer my emails?
    • Vlad or Mihai.


AffiliateFeeds provides a data-feed tool that makes it easy to manage your affiliate feeds 🕺. And managing your feeds isn’t all it can do 🔥! You can also use it for editing and attaching feeds to the specific categories on your website, or applying filters in any way you can imagine, down to a single (editable) product 🎯.

On top of that you’re also getting a FREE WEBSITE, designed to convert your visitors into paying leads 💰! All you need is a domain and . . . and we take care of the rest 👊.

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